Night Drop Box

For your convenience, we have provided you the ability to drop your car and keys off in a very secure manner even after our normal hours of operation. Simply park your car anywhere in our well-lit service lot, lock it, and bring your keys over to our after hours key drop box. This box/drawer is conveniently located between the two glass Vehicle Service Drive-In doors. This area has an even higher degree of lighting and is maintained all night long. It also has a roof overhead so that you may fill out the label on the key envelope in a safe environment, even in inclement weather.

When you pull out the drawer you will find envelopes, a writing surface, and pens to enable you to write your identifying information on a key envelope. A full description of the service required will not be necessary at this time, making the procedure fast and convenient. When finished insert your keys into the envelope, seal it, and slide it through the designated slot. Your keys will drop into a secure locked vault, on the other side of the block wall, inside the dealership. It is opened and checked by us every morning. You will receive a reassuring free text (if cell number has been provided ) from us first thing next morning informing you that the keys are in our possession and that your vehicle has been inspected by us and all is fine.

You also may be contacted by one of our Service Advisors, using the contact information you provided, to confirm or clarify the work requested.